Sunday, September 9, 2012

Two Years!?!?

Once again it's been way to long since I've posted.  Looking at the previous post, it's been a few days over 2 years.  And what has been happening??  Well in 2 years ALOT happens.  Let's see if I can recap and then stay somewhat current.

October 2010 Caraline became an official Giants fan. . . makes Kyles family proud :)

December 2010 Caraline has always loved Christmas and Christmas Music, but Santa Claus himself. . . well the picture will tell all.  If we held her over Santa she was fine, but when we let Santa hold her. . . and she knows the man in the suit!!

April 2011 We thought Kyle was going to go back to grad school and we were headed to Pocatello ID.  We put our house on the market hoping to short sell it.  

May 2011 Kyle's job offered him a position to do what he was going to go back to school for so we decided to stay put.

July 2011 Caraline turned 2 and we had a blast making these for her birthday:

February 2012 We announced an addition to our family would be coming mid-August.

March 2012 We found out our new addition would be a boy.

April 2012 We made a trip to the San Diego wild animal park with some tickets we had won in a drawing.  Funny that when I was a month less pregnant with Caraline we went with Kyles family to the same place.  

June 2012 I was bigger than I was the day Caraline was born and starting to get really uncomfortable.  Caraline decided she would pick up the slack and start doing more around the house.

July 2012 Went to Phantom with Kyle before it closed it's showings here in Las Vegas.  A man we had to climb over to get to our seats asked me to promise him I wouldn't have the baby during the show... I must have looked really uncomfortable and really pregnant.  That was actually one of my good days.

August 15 2012 Quincy Alexander Hansen joined our family.  He came during the noon hour at 12:41.  8 lb 3 oz 21 inches. 

Quincy was crying when he was a few days old and 
Caraline laid down with him and said, 
"When I'm sad my thumb helps me feel better.  
See!?!?  You try my other one."  
She has been a GREAT big sister and a really good helper.

September 2, 2012 We blessed Quincy.  Caraline looks so big and grown up in these pictures.  Kyle's mom found the outfit that Kyle was blessed in and gave it to us.  Somehow the pictures got deleted from the camera, so once I take more pictures in the outfit I will add them.

I'm adjusting to being a Mom of 2 and loving it.  Quincy is a good baby.  We are so blessed in our lives!!